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Writtle Performance Centre is part of the Department of Sport, Health and Wellbeing at Writtle University College. The team have a wealth of experience working with athletes of all abilities, taking part in a wide range of individual and team sports.


Are you an athlete looking to build a training plan? Or are you recovering from a sports-related injury? Writtle Performance Centre can provide you with the equipment, support and advice to build effective training or injury rehabilitation programmes.

The laboratory has been used by high level endurance athletes, such as elite runners, cyclists and triathletes, who have also made use of our facilities, which are now available to the public.

Writtle Performance Centre provides industry-standard equipment and expert advice for athletes of all abilities and levels - whether you're starting out and want to assess your athletic strengths and weaknesses, you're returning to training after a break, or you want to improve your performance. Using the equipment in the Sport Science Laboratory, our team of experts will help you get the most out of your training by giving you a full assessment.

Our Services

The Supported Induction Programme is an initiative designed to help students who declare a disability to transition into their studies at WUC. The events are designed to familiarise students with the spaces on campus and support with the extra administration often required for disabled students. Through the Moodle module, the team will monitor students' transition and offer support to students where needed.

Laboratory Testing

Our standard laboratory testing involves completing an incremental cycle or incremental treadmill test.

From the tests, we can determine your maximal aerobic capacity and the power associated with that point and lots more. After your visit, you will receive a comprehensive report, detailing your physiological response to each stage/intensity of the test.

Body Composition

The amount of body fat and distribution of our body fat as well as your lean mass levels and water levels can tell us a lot about one's health and potential imbalances or health risks that may be present.

The assessment covers a number of different areas of body composition and you will be presented with a PDF with your results in relation to norms and averages of similar populations accounting for gender, ethnicity etc. As well as this, we also offer Skinfold analysis.

Mental Skills Consultation

Although many mental toughness and skills can be learned through clinics and group presentations, some athletes/performers prefer working individually with a mental skills consultant.

Whether you are seeking to maximise an already high level of performance, are underperforming and want to improve, or are dealing with personal issues that interfere with your satisfaction or success, at the Writtle Performance Centre we can provide you with the opportunity to discuss your situation in more depth and receive individualised solutions.

Athlete Education and School Workshops

Whether you are a club or a school, the Writtle Performance Centre can offer a range of workshops that educate athletes and students, giving students the opportunity to get involved and learn about the practical aspects of sport science.

We are able to offer you the choice of a variety of curriculum-based sessions including Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Sport Psychology and more.

We are also able to create bespoke sessions specific to your club or school's needs.

Performance Analysis

To achieve continued success, coaches and players need to understand what game plans, strategies and changes have been successful or unsuccessful.

Using Sport Performance Analysis these observations are based on measured statistics rather than guess work or gut feeling, thus giving a more accurate measure, and we can help you with this in our centre.

Nutrition Consulation

The impact of nutrition in sport is often underestimated, but ultimately it creates the foundation for the ability of any athlete to make energy, recover from and adapt to the training load and its environment.

At the Writtle Performance Centre we offer nutrition consultations to discuss and work towards your goals.

Price List

On-site Testing
Cycling Test £100
Run Test £100
Tri Package £150
Testing Reports £25
Body Composition £75
ISAK Body Composition £100
Team Based Field Tests From £300
Health Testing Includes Body comp, RMR*, Blood testing (Cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides) £200
Force Plates - can include jump height, asymmetry £60
Human Track - can monitor Human movement for stability, asymmetry, ROM and built-in training programmes (real-time data) £60
Hamstring Force Production £60
Prices are for testing; package prices can be arranged. Analysis of data can be done at additional cost
Nutrition Consultations Price per enquiry
Mental Skills consultation Price per enquiry
Performance Analysis
Filming From £90 per game
Film/ crop and tag From £180 per game
Crop and Tag film sent to us From £120 per game
GPS (as a bolt-on to filming) From £50 per game
Schools and Clubs Workshops
Workshops from a portfolio of sessions
Half Day - 3 hours, from 9.30am. Includes 1 school lab session
Whole Day - 5 hours, 9:30am - 2:00/3:00pm. Includes 2 school lab sessions
Up to 20 Group Size Half Day: £150
Full Day: £200
Over 20 Group Size Half Day: £7.50/pupil
Full Day: £10/pupil
Group Size 15-30 Pupils £20/pupil
Bespoke Workshops Price per enquiry