Student Profile

Photograph of Hayley Goode

Hayley Goode

Graduated: BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Performance
Nationality: British
Occupation: PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering

How has the completion of your course supported you in your career?
My studies at Writtle gave me a lot of opportunities. Due to the variety of modules, it opened up options for the field of work I may like to go into. Whilst studying at Writtle I also started working with a company using the GaitSmart system which I then used for my dissertation.

What did you particularly enjoy about your course?
Due to the high standard of teaching at Writtle I was able to develop my skill set and knowledge further and was supported with further study even after I graduated.

My Career Path
I am currently carrying out a PhD in Biomedical Engineering full-time being sponsored by the company who developed GaitSmart. My PhD involves the use of the GaitSmart system and EMG to develop a statistical and musculoskeletal model to identify muscle involvement in gait, for the purpose of condition monitoring.

My first paper as a co-author is due to be published really soon and I'm currently in the process of preparing a further paper for publication.