Student Profile

Photograph of Harry Appleby

Harry Appleby

Graduated: BSc (Hons) Animal Science
Nationality: British
Occupation: Graduate Technical Manager at Anglo Beef Processors UK

How has the completion of your course supported you in your career?
My degree equipped me with the latest knowledge and ideas relevant to the livestock industry today. The course encompasses a broad range of subjects, and this enables you to leave the course feeling confident in yourself, your strengths, and your future. Over the last year I have led research trials with significant financial backing but being a Writtle graduate with all the research skills behind me made sure I had that all-important edge!

Why did you choose to study at Writtle University College?
The courses at Writtle are structured in a way that allows you to be completely immersed in the subject you love. Alongside this, you are taught by industry professionals, well-established researchers, and veterinarians. The whole package is there, and I would challenge anyone to find a campus as warm and welcoming as Writtle.

What does Writtle University College mean to you?
Without a single doubt in my mind, the three years I spent at Writtle were the best of my life so far. I met some incredible people, challenged myself year-on-year, and built an excellent foundation for my future career. I will never forget my time there, and, if I could, I’d do it all again!

What did you particularly enjoy about your course?
Anatomy and Physiology was quite literally the most enjoyable module I have ever completed, and the practical sessions involved working with very rare specimens. The module brought the whole 1st year to life, and, even though it was on a Monday morning, you would never feel “Monday blues” in these lectures!

Future Plans
After graduating with my degree from Writtle I was recruited onto a two-year graduate management programme with ABP UK, the largest private beef processor in the UK and Ireland. Over the past year I have planned and led research trials for some of the UK’s major retailers, and also designed new animal welfare audits to optimise compliance to legal, company and customers standards. I have always been an academic, and, as such, aim to begin a Professional Doctorate at the Royal Veterinary College, London, within the next year whilst continuing with my progression within the Technical Department of ABP UK.

Special Achievements
Alongside graduating with a First Class degree, I was also awarded ‘The Universities Federation of Animal Welfare Award 2016’ for a research project making the greatest contribution to animal welfare science. The research I completed was one of the first trials in the world to successfully develop a method which allowed chicken embryos to be sexed before they hatched. This research may provide an alternative to the slaughter of 4.2 billion male day-old chicks around the world each year. After graduating I went on to achieve a life-long goal of gaining accredited status as an Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) through funding from ABP UK.