Student Profile

Photograph of Samuel Davies

Samuel Davies

Graduated: BSc (Hons) Animal Science
Nationality: British
Occupation: Student

My Writtle University College
"I am studying my specialty in the 'control of infectious disease' at the London School of Tropical Medicine where I am part of a team which designs research interventions to control intractable communicable disease issues. Next year this research will be turned into field projects planned for West Africa and Central Asia which focus on zonotic disease challenges, aiming to reduce both human and animal mortality and suffering.

"Leaving the field of human medicine with an interest in veterinary studies - specifically infectious diseases and the control of rabies in canines - my studies at Writtle were invaluable to broaden my understanding of animal biology and gave me a foundation from which to understand the similarities and biological processes to many zonotic disease that I now study.

"With its large, practical, hands-on animal focus with a range of different species, Writtle enabled me to increase my experience and animal contact hours. I gained a wide education in aspects of welfare and disease as well as how to design, conduct and present research data. The College is a very enjoyable place, where I learnt a lot about animal research and came across new types of study designs. The staff were extremely helpful and I continue to have close contact with them, as they are helping and collaborating with me on upcoming research and projects."