Student Profile

Photograph of Ben Sell

Ben Sell

Graduated: Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Agriculture
Nationality: British
Occupation: Student

Why did you choose to study agriculture?
You are continuously learning new skills, and discovering different ways to undertake the tasks at hand to the most efficient standards. As well as this, every day is different. The seasons and jobs change depending on the time of year, and this keeps me as an individual interested and loving the industry.

Why should youngsters consider the agricultural industry?
In my opinion, once you've had a look into the opportunities that the industry holds, you'll struggle to consider any other options. There are different sectors to Agriculture, and different people's interests lie in different areas, but because there are so many different branches to the industry, there is always going to be an aspect that you will enjoy.

Working in the agricultural industry is not a job, it's a passion and a lifestyle, and no one from the outside will ever truly understand the passion until they have experienced it first hand for themselves.

There are two quotes that have stood out for me to sum up agriculture inn fewer words, the first being 'Work hard, play hard' – This is very important because it's just as important to play hard as it is work hard! The other is 'Many people work to live, but I live to work' (Mike Greenaway – Grassmen) and if you ask me, that's a perfect way to sum it up.

Finally, once in your life you may need a policeman, a doctor, but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer, and with the worlds growing population, there will never be a world without farming.