Student Profile

Photograph of Emily Wicker

Emily Wicker

Graduated: Level 3 Extended Diploma in Agriculture
Nationality: British

What did you particularly enjoy about your course?
The Level 3 extended diploma in agriculture, covered a range of subjects, including livestock management, crop production, and machinery maintenance and driving. It is a very practical, hands on course and I have enjoyed every bit of it.

The highlight of my course has to be the first time I delivered a lamb. It was an experience I will never forget and since then had a couple of lambing jobs.

My Career Path
I chose farming for many reasons. I’ve always grown up around animals and spent time in the countryside. Although living in Chelmsford is quite urban I was never a child that liked to stay indoors; I would rather be outside. My passion is livestock and always wanted to pursue a career with them, so agriculture seemed fitting. The arable and machinery parts were just an added bonus that I also really enjoy.

More young people should consider farming because it is such an experience. Every day is different and you are challenged with something new all the time. Getting involved in a career that contributes to the entire country is so fulfilling; knowing you are doing a really important job. The agricultural community is another reason for young people to get involved. Young farmers and other social events are brilliant and you never fail to have fun and a laugh.

Future Plans
My plans for the future is to get a harvest job this summer and then find full time work with beef cattle or sheep as a herdsperson. My long term goal is to become a unit manager for a livestock farm.