Student Profile

Photograph of Shwe Phue San

Shwe Phue San

Graduated: MSc International Horticulture
Nationality: Myanmar
Occupation: Bioservices Screening Technician, CABI Europe (UK Centre)

My Writtle University College
As an international student, it was very important to me to choose the right course and a suitable place to study my postgraduate degree in the UK. Writtle is famous for the quality of its Horticulture and Postharvest technology courses, and since it has such a good reputation I chose to study there.

The Postgraduate Coordinator in particular supported and encouraged me to go ahead with my MSc at Writtle. Also during my degree I found the Writtle College career service very useful, and used it repeatedly for job hunting.

Whenever I think about Writtle, I will never be able to forget the good friend I made in a PhD student from Boswana. She was so supportive to me during my studies at Writtle which was exactly what I needed since I struggled with my two and half hour commute from South West London to Writtle every day.

My Career Path
Before I joined Writtle I studied plant pathology as my area of specialism in my home country, Myanmar - this prior experience especially supported my degree application to Writtle.

During my dissertation research my supervisor, who was the postgraduate course manager introduced me to an industry contact from ATEI, Thessaloniki who was really supportive during my research. This industry contact later on invited me to ATEI after I had completed my studies to take part in a national research programme in Greece.

As plant microbiology is my passion, I decided to apply to join CABI. My area of expertise alongside my work experience in Greece supported my application to CABI and I am now work as a screening technician in their laboratories.

My Current Job
I started my job with CABI fairly recently and so far I have found it to be a really good choice for my career, not only because I am able to access e-learning and other necessary in-service training but also because my line manager and colleagues are so supportive.

Future Plans
I will definitely be applying for PhD studies, it is most likely that I will wait a few more years before I do this. My research will focus on microbiology

Hints and tips for Writtle students
Please don't let any problems you face upset you, because there is so much helpful support around you at the College. Lecturers and tutors will encourage you to find a solution and to continue forward to achieve your aim.