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Photograph of Samantha Wickham

Samantha Wickham

Graduated: BSc (Hons) Animal Management
Nationality: British
Occupation: Intern at the Zoological Wildlife Conservation Centre, Oregon, USA

My Writtle University College
"After I completed my degrees, I applied to different internships all across the world. I received several replies accepting me to programmes but I chose to travel to Oregon, USA, to work with the Zoological Wildlife Conservation Centre.

"So far, I have worked with wolves, big cats, bears, lemurs, monkeys, tamanduas and penguins. I give tours for the public and I'm training a new intern.

"Almost every animal here goes by a full contact zoo keeping method, barring some species and breeding pairs that can't be disturbed, which means I have had lots of hands-on animal training experience too (I clicker-trained a wolf and a bobcat!). I am now working on a project to bring enrichment to every single animal on the compound."