Student Profile

Photograph of Tasha Saunders

Tasha Saunders

Graduated: BSc (Hons) Animal Management with farm livestock production
Nationality: British
Occupation: Animal care lecturer

Why did you choose to study at Writtle University College?
I had always wanted a career with animals; my schools careers advisor directed me to Writtle College. I attended an open day at Writtle and immediately decided that it was the right college for me. Writtle was local to my then home town of Braintree and had excellent teaching facilities and lovely staff. I also liked the rural setting of Writtle.

What does Writtle University College mean to you?
I spent six years at Writtle College starting in 2006 and leaving in 2012. I absolutely loved my time at Writtle and was very very sad to leave. The teaching facilities i.e. the library, the animal unit and Sturgeons farm are fantastic, and the teaching staff are friendly, approachable and helpful. I have had so many memorable times at Writtle College including winter and spring time walks around the rural campus, numerous summer balls and late night lambing shifts. Without Writtle, I would not be where I am today. I owe a lot to them.

What did you particularly enjoy about your course?
I really enjoyed learning about farm livestock animals as they are my passion. My favourite part of the course was, without a doubt, lambing! I would encourage any current students to do lambing at least once. It is a very special and unique experience. I also enjoyed all of the other farm based practicals that I did such as vaccinating the ewes and piglets. My favourite memory is halter training a Red Poll calf in order to show it at the Norfolk show!

My Current Job
I currently work as an animal care lecturer. The courses that I undertook at Writtle College supported me in gaining my current job, as provided me with an animal care qualification, which is desirable when teaching animal studies to post 16 learners. I teach a range of animal subjects such as behaviour and handling and farm livestock production to level one, level two and level three learners; I would not have the underlying knowledge to teach these subjects if I had not of completed my diploma and degree at Writtle. Writtle College also provided me with a teaching placement so that I could complete my teaching qualification (PGCE) at Colchester institute.

Future Plans
I plan to keep lecturing in animal studies.