Student Profile

Photograph of Luke Whitaker

Luke Whitaker

Graduated: BSc (Hons) Landscape Architecture
Nationality: British
Occupation: Graduate Landscape Architect

Why did you choose to study at Writtle University College?
I chose Writtle because of its fantastic reputation as a horticultural college and its standing as a Landscape Institute accredited course, as well as its small size. The size of the college not only gave me more contact with the lecturers but allows you to integrate with college life very quickly.

What does Writtle University College mean to you?
I had three of my best years at Writtle College. Academically I was able to achieve far greater than I expected and personally I grew as a person making lots of great friends and memories on the way.

What did you particularly enjoy about your course?
I enjoyed the courses blend of conceptual and theoretical thinking with the practical side of the subject. The course also had a balance between written work and studio based projects which help develop a broad range of subjects.

My Career Path
The course has enabled me to develop a broad portfolio of works and skills that are current within the landscape architecture industry.

My Current Job
I am currently freelancing as a junior landscape architect. Since leaving Writtle I have worked for a Master planning and Urban design company in Canada and a landscape architecture and planning firm in the UK.

Future Plans
I intend to continue my development as a landscape architect and after a few years of employment will look to complete my masters in landscape architecture.