Student Profile

Photograph of James Lanwarne

James Lanwarne

Graduated: Diploma Garden Design
Nationality: British
Occupation: Garden Design Consultant and Landscape Contractor

My Writtle University College
I learned an enormous amount from the Writtle College lecturers and have since developed a successful design practice, planting and horticulture consultancy service. I've been offering garden design, construction and horticulture advice days at a local award-winning garden centre for over two years and the business has grown significantly since graduating in 2011.

Not only did I take away from Writtle College a new outlook on the industry and increased knowledge, but I made some great business contacts in my tutors and peers; we are still in touch to this day. I now employ a Writtle College graduate, who is a real asset to my company.

Why did you choose to study at Writtle University College?
I chose to study at Writtle because of its excellent reputation and recognition within the industry. The course greatly appealed to me as I could study whilst continuing to run my business at the same time. It wasn’t easy, but well worth it!

What does Writtle University College mean to you?
I found my time at college to be very exciting as my knowledge grew. I saw new opportunities for my business to grow. I also found college enlightening, as the way I viewed gardens and landscapes changed, I found myself understanding the concept of design more clearly and ‘thinking outside the box ‘ started to become more natural to me. As my plant knowledge developed I found myself looking at how to enhance landscapes in a way in which I never had before, using flowers, foliage and texture to create interest at different times of year.

What did you particularly enjoy about your course?
I particularly enjoyed learning about plants and using them in design. I found the plant walks in different seasons very interesting and all the information that was taught to us along the way.

My Career Path
James studied the Diploma in Garden Design at Writtle College in 2011. He had set up his business 10 years previously and decided to study at Writtle College to improve his knowledge of garden design and horticulture so he could expand his services. This led to him winning the Nectar Business Tradesperson of the Year 2013.

My Current Job
I am the proprietor of my company, Lanwarne Landscapes Ltd

My initial training was predominantly in Landscape Construction and this was the basis of my business up until studying at Writtle. Studying at Writtle expanded my knowledge in Garden Design and Horticulture, which gave me the skills and confidence to diversify and develop my business by expanding the services my company has to offer.

I have since gone on to win a FSB Hertfordshire Small Business Award in 2012 and Nectar Small Business Tradesperson of the Year 2013. I feel sure that the expansion of my business to include design and horticulture has played a large part in helping me to win these awards.

Future Plans
I will continue to develop my business further.