Student Profile

Photograph of Hazel Gower

Hazel Gower

Graduated: BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Performance
Nationality: British
Occupation: PE Teacher

My Writtle University College
Studying at Writtle College laid a strong foundation for my career. I chose to study at Writtle College, partly because the induction we had at the open day was so genuine and friendly. I also felt that doing a degree would open up my options.

My Career Path
After completing my A Levels, I worked for a year in a support role at my old school before choosing to study at Writtle College. Both my family and I have always been into sport and after completing my BSc (Hons) at Writtle I knew the right route for me was to join a graduate training programme to teach PE. I now teach PE to girls aged 11 to 16 and for each class I try to ensure that each sport we cover offers fun and enjoyment.