Student Profile

Photograph of Sarah Disney

Sarah Disney

Graduated: BA (Hons) Professional Floristry
Nationality: British
Occupation: Manager of a Florist shop

My Writtle University College
I chose to study at Writtle College to further my knowledge in Floristry. I want to be able to teach one day and bearing that in mind I thought that this course would be perfect to progress me to that goal.

Some of my favourite memories of studying at Writtle were learning about other subjects that surrounded the flower industry such as postharvest and the international trade and supply Chain. I also created an exhibition for my final floristry exam based on my chosen designer, and helped to make jewellery at the Prima Comfort Fashion Awards, which were all opportunities that I would not have had if I had not chosen to do this course.

As a part-time student I found Writtle College a nice place to escape to, all of the staff are very helpful and a lot of resources are made available during your studies.

My Career Path
Whilst studying at Writtle College I managed a flower shop in Middlesex, even though I enjoy working in a busy shop I want to hopefully one day pass on the knowledge that I have learned in teaching, hence choosing to study at Writtle.

My goal for the future is to pursue the route of teaching in education and I intend to undertake a teaching qualification. As a possible alternative route, I may also choose to continue learning about postharvest in the flower industry to become more involved in the commercial side of this Industry.

My Current Job
In my current job I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the flower shop, by taking and making up orders, ordering flowers from Holland, taking wedding consultations, making up many wedding flowers on a regular basis, conditioning flowers and staff organisation.

I particularly enjoy buying for the company, I love discovering new products and coming up with fresh ideas.