Student Profile

Photograph of Evangelos Achilleos

Evangelos Achilleos

Graduated: MSc Animal Welfare and Conservation
Nationality: British-Cypriot
Occupation: Programme Manager

How has the completion of your course supported you in your career?
The MSc in Animal Welfare and Conservation helped me acquire a range of skills in conservation which I use in my teaching and in situ/ex situ projects that I am part of. I also use the skills and knowledge I learnt on my degree at Writtle to progress the management of the zoo collection at the college.

Why did you choose to study at Writtle University College?
I completed my BSc at Writtle, was happy with the environment and expertise of tutors and we were also entitled to Scholarship as a progressing student.

What does Writtle University College mean to you?
Writtle is a great University College with a casual and homely feel, and access to staff with various specialities who are in active research. Additionally, Writtle has good resources e.g. genetics lab, farm, Titchmarsh Centre for Animal Studies thus allowing for students to acquire a range of skills while studying.

What did you particularly enjoy about your course?
For the conservation modules we visited conservation areas and assessed the environment, discussing how it impacts the species who inhabit the area. We also conducted an assessed debate, which was fun, and visited Colchester Zoo where we prepared enrichment for the squirrel monkeys. My theses study was one of the best things I had completed while conducting my MSc. Working in a genetics lab allowed me to develop my scientific skills while enabling me to further develop my genetics knowledge. I also presented my theses at the Symposium at Writtle and published my abstract.

My Current Job
I am currently a Programme Manager in Higher Education for Animal Management and Zoology. I am also an Associate Lecturer. Additionally I work for City & Guilds (the awarding body) as a consultant for the Animal Management Diploma and actively work in Wildlife Rehabilitation having completed conservation research in the UK, South Africa and Peru.

Future Plans
I am currently completing my PhD in avian conservation genetics.

Special Achievements
It is great to work full-time in academia while also working on conservation projects as I am in touch with the animal industry.