Student Profile

Photograph of Rikiya Ueno

Rikiya Ueno

Graduated: BSc (Hons) Agricultural Business Management (Crop Production)
Nationality: Japan
Occupation: Ueno Farm (family farm manager) and Government Advisor - Department of Industrial Development (winter) – Agricultural Policy and Planning

How has the completion of your course supported you in your career?
The course I studied left me full of new ideas and they have been very helpful in my current career. UK and Japan have different climates, soil, techniques and technology but the principles and decision-making are the same. Writtle’s modern and practical course allowed me to introduce new techniques and technology.

Why did you choose to study at Writtle University College?
I chose Writtle as it offers good, strong support for international students. I needed this as I needed to increase the level of my English and because the environment was completely new and different. There is also good access to London and Heathrow Airport from Writtle.

What does Writtle University College mean to you?
I treasure my uni life in Writtle. Not only study but also the social life in a different environment and culture was a precious experience.

What did you particularly enjoy about your course?
I basically enjoyed everything but the field trip was my most favourite as I could hear from professionals and see actual facilities. After studying at a desk, exploring the outside world stimulated my brain and was a good refreshment.

My Current Job
Ueno Farm (family farm) – managing 60 acres of arable and vegetable crops: rice, wheat, soya, seed potato, sugar beet, cabbage, pumpkin and asparagus.

Yuni Town Hall, Department of Industrial Development (winter) – Agricultural Policy and Planning

Future Plans
I am planning to take a working holiday for a farming job in Australia and then becoming an agriculture volunteer in Africa. I would then like to study a postgraduate qualification in Agriculture.

Special Achievements
Japanese representative in Youth Agricultural Summit 2017 in Belgium.