Undergraduate to Postgraduate: 2023 Postgraduate Progression Award

Undergraduate to Postgraduate: 2023 Postgraduate Progression Award - logo

This Scholarship is available to ALL new Postgraduate students, commencing their studies in September 2023/24, that were previously Writtle University College final year undergraduate students at either the end of 2021/22 or 2022/23 academic years.

Writtle University College (WUC) students who have achieved a 1st or 2:1 degree outcome who are going to study a post-graduate course at WUC will receive a £1,000 cash award for Home students or £1900 for International and EU students. It will run during the academic year 2023/24 only and payments will be made in three termly instalments.

Students who are identified as being from parts of the country where participation in higher education is low will receive an additional £500. This additional payment will be measured and awarded based on the student's home address postcode being highlighted as a POLAR 4 Q1 or Q2 postcode.

Students must complete application form UGPG2023 to ensure that they are considered for the award.

For more details, please contact: student.finance@writtle.ac.uk
Applications to be sent to: student.finance@writtle.ac.uk

Application closing date: 31st August 2023