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Lauren  Hunt

Lauren Hunt


Canine Co-Course Scheme Manager
Lecturer in Veterinary Physiotherapy
Lecturer in Canine Therapy
WUC Canine Therapy Clinic Co-Ordinator


Lauren completed her Integrated Master’s in Veterinary Physiotherapy at WUC, graduating in 2018 with distinction. During this time she also obtained her Equinology Equine Body Worker qualification. Since graduating Lauren achieved her Level 3 Certificate in Small Animal Hydrotherapy and worked in a canine hydrotherapy centre in order to start gaining industry experience.

Lauren joined the Writtle University College VP lecturing team after graduating and also runs the WUC Canine Therapy Clinics. She maintains a industry link with Essex Police Dog Section and treats the force's canine members.

Alongside her interest in hydrotherapy, Lauren has a particular interest in photobiomodulation after conducting both of her dissertations in this subject. She presented her findings at the World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT) conference in Nice, France in 2018.

Lauren is a proud member of the Register for Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) and the Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA). She is currently studying to obtain her Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice.


Integrated Master's in Veterinary Physiotherapy
Level 3 Canine Hydrotherapist
Equinology Equinebody Worker
Extended Diploma in Equine Management

Subject Areas

Canine Hydrotherapy
Advanced Physiotherapeutic Techniques
Clinical Practice for Veterinary Physiotherapists
Advanced Principles and Practice of Canine Hydrotherapy


Hunt, L. and Gill, R.L. (2018) Comparison of the effectiveness of Photobiomodulation (PBM) on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) between Class IIIb and IV Laser and at high and low doses. Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy. Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica

Podium Presentations

International Association for Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, 2018 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

International Association for Laser Therapy, Nice, Oct 2018