Staff profile

Nieky  van Veggel

Dr Nieky van Veggel

BSc MSc PgCert EdD C.AnimSci. CBiol FRSB FHEA


Senior Lecturer in Animal Health

Course Manager - Undergraduate Animal Courses

Departmental TEaching & Learning Enahncement Lead


Having first completed a degree in Agriculture & Biotechnology with a specialisation in Animal Health, I started working at Writtle in 2010 after completing my MSc in Animal Biology and Welfare. Over the years I have developed myself as an educator and course manager, and have been involved in a number of big projects, such as validation and revalidations of HE courses, development of new research areas, providing maths support to undergraduate students and a large multi-national multi-institution Erasmus+ funded project (TOPAS). I also supervise research students up to MPhil level.

Currently my main focus is the use of evidence-based methods in animal health science, the interaction of animal nutrition and health and developing professionalism in graduates. In addition, I have a keen interest in HE Learning and Teaching research because I feel this helps the College in supporting our students. Currently, I am working on a research project on evidence-based practice and course leadership in higher education.

Outside of Writtle, I volunteer as a STEM Ambassador for ExploreSTEM, promoting the sciences to school learners. I am an assessor for the professional registers of the British Society for Animal Science, the Royal Society of Biology and the Science Council. Additionally, I am Associate Editor and reviewer for Veterinary Evidence and a reviewer for Journal of Biological Education.

I tweet as @Nieky_vV and blog at My ORCID ID is


2023: Doctorate in Education (EdD) (Anglia Ruskin University)
2016: PgCert in Higher Education Practice (University of Essex)
2010: MSc in Animal Biology and Welfare (University of Essex)
2009: BSc in Agriculture and Biotechnology - Animal Health Science (University College Ghent)
2008: Certificate in Laboratory Animal Science (University College Ghent)

Subject Areas

Veterinary Social Science,

Evidence-based (Veterinary) Practice,

Systematic Reviews of Animal Studies,

Companion Animal Health and Nutrition,

Laboratory Animal Science,

Professional Practice.


My research interest are in the following areas:

- Evidence-based (veterinary) practice

- Veterinary social sciences

- The interaction of animal nutrition and health

- Bioscience Education

- Grounded Theory Methodology

I am particularly interested in evidence-generating projects, and in the social side of the animal health science industry.


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Conference proceedings

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