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Yvonne  Owen

Yvonne Owen


H.E. Lecturer in Animal Science


My principle research interests include animal welfare, physiology, and the welfare of captive animals. I am currently investigating the impact of keeper-animal relationships in zoos, particularly how animal’s perceive keeper interactions as positive, neutral, or negative and how these interactions impact on an animal’s welfare.


ABWAK Association of British Wild Animal Keepers

AFHEA The Higher Education Academy

BSAS British Society for Animal Science

ICZ International Congress of Zookeepers

ISAE International Society for Applied Ethology

ISAZ International Society of Anthropology

IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group. Friends of the Cat Group

MRSB Royal Society of Biology

PSGB Primate Society of Great Britain


(assoc.) British Society for Animal Science

UFAW Universities Federation for Animal Welfare)


BSc (Hons) Animal Science
MSc Multimedia Application Development
HEA Higher Education Academy, associate fellow

Subject Areas

Mammalian Anatomy and Physiology
Comparative Anatomy and Physiology
Biological processes and cell biology
Zoo animals
Companion animals
Wildlife trade and conservation issues


A Multi-zoo Study of Keeper-Animal Relationships Focusing on Cheetahs and Snow Leopards.


Journal papers

Owen and amory (2011) A Case Study Employing Operant Conditioning to Reduce Stress of Capture for Red-Bellied Tamarins(Saguinus labiatus) JOURNAL OF APPLIEDANIMALWELFARE SCIENCE 14124–137.