Advanced Garden Design Studio - (30 Credits)

The Advanced Garden Design Studio is the major design module for MAGD and takes a project through a rigorous design process from initial site research, through conceptual planning and design stages to end with the spatial design of a garden and specific details for some areas of planting and hard landscaping. The project is selected by the student and should ideally be closely linked to their dissertation area. It requires a complete analysis from the regional scale to the local site context. Conceptual development is required with the site/client brief being generated from the students’ area of special interest or due to the particular needs of an owner or client requirements discovered during the contextual research. The garden design solution will consider spatial and planting design along with areas of detailed design applications for planting and hard landscape. There will be a program for usage of the space to meet the design needs. In addition to this the design process will be used as a research tool to enhance ideas for master’s dissertation. The aim of this module is to fully research, evaluate, design and program a garden design project within a specific context and responding to specific issues or needs. During the module students are required to be creative, justify choices based on garden and design theory, be self-reflective and iterative as part of the on-going design process.