Landscape Construction and Technology - (30 Credits)

Through research and analysis the student will develop an understanding of detailed construction processes and technologies for advanced landscape architecture and landscape design projects. This will be by using topographic survey drawings and physical modelling of an area of land to produce a range of industry standard construction drawings and management plans. Students will examine and interpret the construction requirements and technologies to produce a range of relevant information to industry standards that would enable contractors and builders to construct the completed design on site. A range of construction techniques and materials will be researched through independent research and study with a focus on sustainable approaches. Proposals and solutions will be produced, documented and discussed in the studio. Areas to support the technical elements of design will be considered e.g. re-grading topography, sustainable surface and sub-surface drainage, change of levels (steps and ramps), surfaces, walls (free standing and retaining) and hard landscape materials. Consideration will be given to sustainable approaches to material selection and construction, project costing and future maintenance requirements. The module reflects on appropriate hard and soft landscape technologies, construction techniques and sustainable methods to enable the student to investigate the relationship of natural and man-made systems, interpret these through examples, consider them in terms of context, long term management and sustainability, produce construction solutions and discuss possibilities within the industry standards. The module will allow the student to select and identify the potentials and weaknesses of the relationship between landscape materials and construction methods to form, function and context.