Special Topics (Postgraduate Independent Study) - (15 Credits)

The Special Topics Module aims to provide additional project and research opportunities for students in MA Landscape Architecture, MA Garden Design, MSc Sustainable Land Management under Global Change courses and other postgraduate courses. Students will work with a designated programme where mutual interests and expertise are available. Examples include a research paper shared with a programme member of staff pursuing a branch of research in addition to and complimentary with the students' research, an internal project proposed by School or further and more specialized study as a continuation of a module. Independent study is optional, and will be possible where special interests of the student parallel the interests of the School and/or the programme. Special Topics may also take the form of a seminar or taught module where student interact and present selected topics in addition the written submission. Students are accepted for Special Topics (seminar or independent study) by permission of their advisor and from the designated lecturer, School or programme. In some cases, dependent upon permission of a student’s advisor, the Special Topics Module may be substituted for professional practice or other core module.