International Trade and Markets - (15 credits)

The trade in horticultural produce has become increasingly internationally based, with many countries involved in the trade of produce. Ensuring the reliability of trade and supply lines is a key aspect within this, as are the systems used to assure quality and safety of various products. This module sets out to examine the causes and types of food loss as well as where it occurs in the food chain and systems. The aim is to illustrate the variety of methods available to reduce loss through packaging, training appropriate equipment etc. Economics and sustainability are included in the debate on food loss, as is the relevance of FairTrade. Reference to the UN sustainability goals will be implicit to discussions on future developments holding central the tenets of social justice, ethical business and human well-being. Students also become acquainted with the methodologies associated with measurement of quality relating to biological change, as well as marketing requirements on local and global bases and the issues of health and food safety in day to day operations.