International Value Chain - (30 credits)

The module provides an introductory awareness of working in value chains that are market driven. It will explore examples of successful value chains as exemplars and as indicators of future thinking. Delivery will explore consumer needs and reasons driving change, to assess how perceived value might be created for them. It may require some exploration of cultural similarities and differences between consumers and their behaviours; this will be accompanied by product characteristics and the rationale behind these (in partner countries and /or consumer segments). The focus will be on identifying characteristics of the product offer, exploring environmental sustainable production systems to deliver a product that aligns with the consumer. The module offers a period of optional study in a European country and / or lecture / tutorial support through reciprocal links with external specialist staff. Co-delivery and knowledge exchange with other institutes will allow students to gain a deeper insight into the international dimension of value chain. This co-delivery offers considerable opportunities for deeper professional and personal growth. This will be collated in the Personal Development Portfolio for Academic Professional Development, which is designed to stimulate a critical understanding of their own career development and professional planning. For those electing to study wholly in the UK, the module will be delivered at WUC in conjunction with European colleagues.