Project Management - (15 credits)

This module considers the life cycle of projects, from initiation, through to planning, scheduling, execution, handover and review. The principles and processes involved are contextualised through the student’s involvement in the management and practical implementation of a live project. The topics of stakeholders, finance, risk, people, project administration and quality are discussed in the context of what the project manager is doing, responding to or monitoring. Techniques for project management are explained and evaluated, to facilitate the development of the student’s own expertise in choosing appropriate techniques and applying them in professional practice. Project organisational skills are therefore combined with practical skills on a college campus site based task. This would ordinarily be landscape orientated but there is considerable flexibility in this area. The students learn to work within and organize a team in the completion of this task, and the whole exercise has a very strongly practical basis, wherein the success of the project and is judged upon its successful completion.