Human Influence on Equine Performance - (30 Credits)

Acknowledgement of the demands of equestrianism today recognises that specialist input is a requirement for gaining the 'competitive edge' and the impact of multiple influences that may limit performance outcomes. This module evaluates measurable outcome parameters of performance and takes into account the evidence of musculoskeletal development of a horse produced as an athlete. Evaluation will include intrinsic factors such as breeding and conformation in relation to discipline specific performance along with other extrinsic and environmental factors influencing development and welfare of competition horses. This module will review the influence and priorities of the multifactorial paraprofessionals utilised in modern society and is designed to develop an in depth understanding of discipline specific needs and identify physical requisites and skills that denote success and longevity in competition horses. This will include reviewing current issues in an ever evolving competitive environment that may impact further on the rider/horse dyad. This module will scrutinise in depth, and prioritise, the rider influence which potentially has the most overriding effect on any short and long term performance outcomes. This will include reviewing the internal and external drivers that formulate the responses of riders and emphasis will be placed on the motivational incentives and comparisons of training practices in industry relative to the competitive status and levels of the horse and rider. This module is intended to scrutinise and evaluate all elements that influence the development and potential of the equestrian athlete.