Advances in Equine Nutrition - (15 Credits)

The module will provide students with a substantial grounding in equine nutrition, dealing with both performance and clinical aspects. Students will explore key micronutrients, their functions, and common practical scenarios where these may be lacking in the equine diet and how to combat this. The module will also look at veterinary assessment of nutritional status (analysis of blood/tissue), the efficacy of these, and appropriate use of these methods. The module will investigate both common and less common clinical issues including gastric ulcers, muscle disorders, metabolic issues along with nutritional management for colic post-surgery, liver and kidney compromise. This module aims to develop students’ knowledge of practical considerations for nutritional management of performance horses in various disciplines, focusing on feeding for longevity of career from conception to competition and then retirement. Students will need to analyse and evaluate case studies impacted by these complex issues and undertake ration evaluation and recommendations for the equine athlete. Creative problem solving on issues related to equine nutrition will be incentivated throughout the module.