Applied Research for Equine Postgraduates - (15 Credits)

This module focuses on elements of the professional research process applicable to students studying for a postgraduate qualification in Equine Science. Students will determine appropriate ways to evaluate the design, ethics and conduct of research, learn how to critically analyse different sources, and prepare effective and professional reports and papers, demonstrating critical awareness and originality on any subject linked to equine performance. As well as studying approaches to traditional research and experimental design, students will learn the systematic review process and effective database searching, always in topics related to the equine athlete. Emphasis will be placed on methods that are objective, systematic, reliable, valid, ethical, effective and efficient. This module will prepare students for dealing with research in all modules and in particular the Taught Masters Dissertation module. This module includes learning of advanced skills in the interpretation of quantitative and qualitative research data, and develops a critical understanding of the ethical considerations involved in the collection of data for research in the area of equine performance.