Clinical Practice for Veterinary Physiotherapists

This module draws together many of the skills that have been taught in previous modules and builds on professional skills that are required for practise in the industry. For the horse, there will be discussion and evaluation on the importance of saddle fitting, farriery, nutrition, behaviour and the impact of the rider. With the use of analytical equipment such as the Tekscan saddle pad and the mechanical horse to demonstrate how saddle fitting and rider position may have an impact on the body balance and posture of the horse. Equally importantly for the dog, the use of gait evaluation aids are intrinsic to assessment and rehabilitation. Development of a business plan will enable students to prepare themselves to successfully manage and market themselves within the industry. This is a double module which will involve time spent with NAVP practitioners in a clinical setting using college facilities; additionally time spent in industry with Veterinary Physiotherapists will consolidate practical skills. The module takes the student forward to integrate business, academic and professional skills to help produce a well-rounded practitioner who on successful completion of the Postgraduate Diploma allows application for professional accreditation.