Rehabilitation and Remedial Exercise

This important module covers a number of rehabilitation therapies which include hydrotherapy, using swimming, water treadmills and spa sessions, also enables the students to show competence in a range of manual cryotherapy and its application in a variety of situations. Equine and canine sports taping will be used to enhance range of motion, assist in limiting atrophy and provide afferent sensory stimulation. Proprioceptive training exercises such as pole work, wobble boards and other rehabilitation exercises will be evaluated and used in a number of therapeutic situations. The use of manual and electrical modalities studied in the previous module will be applied in context alongside these other important techniques. Clinical reasoning skills will be brought into play where students will give initial evaluation of both dogs and horses. They will then go on to work through the process of planning, designing and implementing a remedial exercise programme with the help and guidance of experienced tutors who are currently working in industry. Experienced lecturers/National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapist practitioners also discuss discipline specific injuries that may be encountered for rehabilitation.