Academic and Professional Skills

To become a successful veterinary physiotherapist a range of skills and attributes are needed. As a practitioner you will need to understand technical information; liaise with vets, owners, trainers, farriers and other associated professionals; have an understanding about running a business as well as being competent to deliver therapy to animals and having the clinical reasoning skills to design a rehabilitation programme. This module starts by developing the academic skills needed to study at level 7. These skills provide the grounding that will enable the successful completion of the MSc which is the stepping stone to becoming a practicing veterinary physiotherapist. These will include skills needed to run a business, communication skills needed for practice, decision making, critical writing and computer skills needed for both HE study and running a business. Other aspects of the module involve important legal, health and safety and welfare aspects of being a practitioner. Issues relating to sustainable development, such as, animal welfare, ethical considerations relating to animals and owners that cannot afford to pay for treatment and therapy will be discussed. This module includes an introduction to the role of professional body membership and registration, its aims and objectives and its importance to the student as an industry representative. Practical training begins in this module where students work alongside qualified staff to enhance their handling skills of horses, dogs and other animals.