Current Issues in Animal Science - (15 Credits)

The lives of humans and animals have been interlinked throughout history. Humans rely on animals for food, companionship, for work and for our scientific endeavours. Animals are also integral parts of the ecosystems on which we depend. It is therefore no surprise that our interests may conflict with those of the animals. There students will dig beneath the surface of a range of issues currently affecting animals. They will critically evaluate interrelationships between the various aspects of animal science such as genetics, nutrition, behaviour, welfare, human and animal health, the environment and sustainable resource management. They will also consider the wider implications of these current issues and their potential solutions including the ethical, environmental and economic impacts. Due to our close relationship with animals, making changes to improve the lives of animals often requires engagement with a range of stakeholders from animal owners to policy makers. The students will gain knowledge in social science techniques developed to encourage social change and apply these to a current issue.