Professional Placement (Applying the Learning Cycle) - (30 credits)

Students will be expected to undertake a significant period of work experience, or an equivalent experience in a workplace setting, in a field related to and/or relevant to their course. The module will enable them to develop the qualities, attitudes and academic and professional maturity to enter and contribute to a teaching environment at secondary or further education level. The module will also enable them to build on their transferable and employability skills in addition to giving them a platform to develop industry-relevant practical skills. The delivered content of this module will be accessed by individuals fully online using various formats such as Moodle, MS Teams, WordPress, Mahara and other collaborative platforms in advance of completing an off-site work experience placement. The placement will build upon their professional development and reflective practice. The module also allows students to further develop their reflective practice by keeping a live e-portfolio throughout their studies.