Sustainable Business Solutions - (30 credits)

This module provides an opportunity to consolidate the business knowledge and concepts acquired through years one and two of the course to integrate and apply this to a current business situation / case study or commissioned study. The module will develop an understanding of the complexity of the decision making process and the factors that contribute to opportunities and constraints in the global business environment. It draws on principles of systems theory and interdisciplinary assessment of situations and problems. It critically examines contemporary models in sustainable development and circular economics including the use of renewable energy and natural resources. International global business and case studies demonstrating examples of good practice in sustainable agri-business are evaluated in the context of horticultural products including consideration of trade flows, tariffs and trade barriers. A systems perspective is adopted, which draws on cross-modular content to gain a deeper insight into working within the international business environment and socio-political, economic, environmental and technological factors that shape developments; its design provides wide ranging synthesis. Students will be exposed to the realities of business life and the need for creative solutions derived from advanced problem solving skills. It will require defence of proposed policies and strategies and show pragmatism in the planning process.