Performance and Exercise Nutrition - (15 credits)

Performance and Exercise Nutrition follows on from Physiology and Nutrition for Exercise at Level 5, and explores contemporary applications of dietary practice for sports performance. The module begins with an introduction and review of the importance of macro/micro-nutrition with a focus on sport and exercise. Using evidence-based research, the impact of nutrition for different sporting contexts will be explored. Lecture-based theoretical considerations will be merged alongside seminar workshops to develop practical protocols for key performance nutrition areas including: nutrition for enhanced strength and power; endurance-based nutrition; weight making sports and weight management; and recovery-based strategies. A central focus of this module includes current research-based awareness of selected ‘ergogenic’ aids, and practical implications for sports performance (e.g. creatine, beta-alanine, caffeine and sodium bicarbonate). Students will develop a critical understanding of applied aspects of nutrition relevant to the demands of a chosen sport. In doing so, this module aims to encourage development of essential employability skills including: advanced dietary assessment, conference style presentation skills, innovative and strategic programme design, and critical thinking skills.