Applied Training and Behaviour Modification - (30 credits)

This module looks at in depth training mechanisms that professional animal trainers use for complex behaviour training and their application to behavioural case studies and behaviour modification plans. Students will benefit from delivery of both scientific and practical/industry relevant elements in this module from in-house and external International Association of Animal Behaviour Counsultants (IAABC) qualified speakers to develop their skills in evaluating behavioural problems and determining appropriate plans of rehabilitation. Students will apply scientific principles to retraining horses, keeping in mind the ethological priorities and natural reactions of the horse and applying LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) training techniques where possible. Students will learn about the relevance of taking case histories and the type of information that is required to build up sufficient evidence to identify the information needed to develop hypotheses of the causation of individual behaviour problems. This is a fundamental step for any behaviour consultant to identify the necessary information needed to further develop rehabilitation programs. Together with sessions on professional conduct and business practice, this module will help students to refine their professional techniques in the field of equine behavioural science.