Advanced Principles and Practice of Hydrotherapy - (15 credits)

Hydrotherapy is becoming highly popular as part of physical therapy to improve a dog’s wellbeing by promoting fitness, enhancing performance, as part as a post-surgical programme or to manage chronic/degenerative conditions. This module will build on the 2nd year module 'Canine Hydrotherapy' and will offer a deeper understanding of the techniques and approaches used by hydrotherapists. The module will focus on how the underwater treadmill differs to the pool, how to manage the patient and how to interact with the dog during treatment. It will also involve the completion of the patient’s record and documentation. Professional and ethical working is another key skill developed in this module in relation to treatment, aftercare and working with other professionals from the MDT. Finally, anatomy, physiology and common conditions will be revisited to ensure a deeper understanding of their effects on the dog, secondary complications that can occur, how they may affect a hydrotherapy session and on the decision making involved.