Current Issues in the Equine Industry - (15 credits)

The activities of any organisation take place against a background of a rapidly changing external environment. The diverse nature and scale of the equine industry within the UK, European Union (EU), and wider international context means that there are a wide range of political, economic, legal, social, cultural, environmental and technological issues currently affecting individuals, enterprises and organisations within the equine industry. The horse as a living animal also presents issues relating to its health and welfare which require monitoring on a regular basis. This module aims to develop the students' awareness and ability to analyse and evaluate the impact of various complex issues on participants, businesses and other organisations within the UK and wider international equine industry. Current and historical case studies of issues of significance in the equine industry will be used to analyse the interaction of appropriate organisations with government and other decision makers on a local, national and international basis. Future predictions for change within the equine industry will be investigated, together with opportunities for growth, development and diversification. Comparisons between different animal sectors and countries will be used to develop rationale and future models of improved structures, processes and systems for the equine industry.