Issues and Solutions in Production - (15 credits)

Many factors may threaten livestock, crop production and food security, such as population growth, ageing farming populations, meat consumption trends, climate-change effects on biotic/abiotic stress and increasing tolerance of pest, diseases and weeds. These factors can have an impact on faming businesses if they affect profitability and long term viability. This module encourages participants to think widely about the nature and scope of these challenges and will investigate the solutions, which can ease the burden of these challenges and are applicable to individual farm businesses. These will contribute both to the profitability of the business and the sustainability of operations. Current research and policy will be integrated into the analysis. Likely topics for crop production might include establishment, protection and nutrition, irrigation, harvest and storage. Livestock issues might include nutrition, health and welfare. Emphasis will be on biological and regenerative practices introduce in Year 1 as well as new technology and precision techniques increasingly available to the industry. Students will have the opportunity to carry on case studies by focusing on a specific issue in crop or livestock production and evaluate a variety of solutions and policies in place to engage in these issues at global and local levels.