Business Strategy and Operations - (30 credits)

This module provides an understanding of the key management theories of organisations which the student may encounter within their career; human resource issues, market focused activities, financial management and associated decision making. Exercises and case studies will provide material for students to discuss management issues, typical of those encountered in the workplace, and these will be applied to typical businesses and organisations within the student's chosen sector. A real life project will allow the students to develop the basic skills of organising time, resources and effort whilst being able to apply these skills in the context of the equine industry. The project will be managed by the students where they can gain an insight into commonly used key concepts and methodologies in operations and project management. A focus will also be on improving application of concepts and operations including risk management, and will allow for a better understanding on how to maximise business output whilst managing possible threats. Students will also look at how various business planning techniques can be used in the creation of a new business. The student will learn to demonstrate knowledge of basic business planning techniques for forecasting or simple budgeting, and how to present this by supplying information appropriate to the lender's needs. Topics covered include elements of a business plan; market research, human and physical resourcing recommendations, funding sources, financial forecasting and decision making, and delivering a persuasive presentation.