Equestrian Enterprise Management - (15 credits)

Through a programme of work shadowing a yard manager and supporting lectures/tutorials, students will further develop the skills necessary to manage an equestrian enterprise. Students will have the opportunity to apply theoretical management principles to the practical situation, and evaluate the relevance of these to modern equestrian resource management. Students will develop management skills such as stocktaking and understanding ordering routines for consumables and relevant equipment resourcing requirements. Equine resourcing will be considered with key features including assessment of the horse's potential for use in a riding establishment which considers its age, type, conformation and temperament. Labour saving considerations and innovative technologies that impact the equestrian establishment will be analysed. Legislation considerations will also be investigated including Council licensing, The British Horse Society (BHS) and other approval bodies inspections, transport legislation including for international transport and competition and the requirements for holding equestrian events. Commercial activities and income generation possibilities will be investigated including Cross Country course regulations and requirements, and the hosting requirements for different equestrian organisations (British Eventing, British Dressage, British Showjumping, British Horse Society etc.) as well as the wider applied implications of biosecurity and staffing.