Canine Hydrotherapy - (15 credits)

Hydrotherapy is becoming highly popular as part of physical therapy to improve the dog’s wellbeing by addressing function imbalance and promoting fitness, enhancing performance of the athlete or as part as a post surgery programme, or to manage specific chronic or degenerative conditions. This module is an introduction to small animal hydrotherapy and will focus in the first instance on the understanding of the referral system as it is a legal obligation to work with the Vet Surgeon’s approval. The module will also explore the relevant major aspects of canine anatomy and physiology as it is vital to have a thorough understanding of these subjects to administer hydrotherapeutic treatment. In this perspective, the module willl also explore how to identify common medical conditions and how they may impact on hydrotherapy treatment. Also students will learn how to identify common orthopaedic and neurological conditions and the correct procedures to administer hydrotherapy for specific conditions. Finally, the module will focus on how to evaluate the suitability/unsuitability of an animal for treatment.