Animals in Research - (15 credits)

The use of animals in research is strictly regulated and requires specific knowledge and skills. We expect bioveterinary scientists to have an in depth understanding of the issues related to the use of animals in research and education, and to be practically competent in basic husbandry tasks. This module will develop this understanding and competency through a variety of lectures and practical training sessions. In order to work with animals in research settings, scientists are required to have passed a Home Office PIL A&B course. This module therefore contains an integrated Royal Society of Biology accredited Home Office PIL A&B course, fully funded by Writtle College, which will allow graduates to work with research animals upon passing the course. Although we strongly advise students to undertake the short course, it is not a mandatory component and the module can be passed without doing the course. However, students will not be able to pass the Home Office PIL A&B course without passing the module.