Grassland and Facilities Management - (15 credits)

Managing a modern equestrian enterprise will require the use of a wide range of physical resources and facilities used for the purposes of housing the horse, exercising it and maintaining its health and wellbeing. The equine industry is increasingly taking advantage of new technology in the design and construction of specialist resources and products. Knowledge of the availability and suitability of new technologies will impact on the sustainability of equestrian enterprises. Grass is the natural food of the horse, whose economic production and utilisation is essential to the success of any equine enterprise. With increasing physiological demands being placed upon the horse, in terms of reproductive and athletic performance, the production of quality forage is fundamental to equine health, welfare and management. The module combines the scientific principles underlying grass growth and nutritional value, with practical and economic aspects of grassland management. The module uses fieldwork examples from the College estate. The main outcome which students will produce as a result of studying this module is a development plan for an equestrian enterprise of their chosen specialism. This site development plan is something which should prove useful to them within their future careers as equestrian enterprise managers.