Business and Leadership - (15 credits)

This module is intended to develop professional and managerial skills in an integrated way in the context of the career aspirations, industry sector and academic discipline of the individual student. It is intended that the flexibility of this module will allow subject specific benchmark standards as defined by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) to be incorporated depending on the particular HE programme that the module is serving. In continuing with their personal development planning students will gain a deeper understanding of the need for the development of professional and managerial skills within their industry sector and as appropriate to their intended career paths. The module begins by enabling students to develop a critical understanding of career development, and the process of personal development planning for their intended careers. An initial skills audit will be undertaken and a personal development plan developed towards the students intended career path. Advice and guidance given by module tutors will be augmented by periods of work shadowing, interviews, visits and talks industry professionals. The module supports the career development learning outcomes described in Course Programme Specifications (and related Subject Benchmark Statements). Students develop their understanding of personal development planning leading to the identification of realistic and satisfactory career goals and the skills development and knowledge acquisition that will be necessary to achieve these. .In the context of their specific sector, the module provides a basis for the student to understand their eventual role in dealing with complex situations as professional practitioners and managers. In order to achieve this it provides an understanding of the key aspects of the operation of individuals and organisations which the student may encounter within their career; including financial, human and market focused aspects. Exercises, case studies and interaction with industry professionals will provide material for students to discuss various management issues, typical of those encountered in the “world of work”. This module is intended to be carefully contextualised to ensure its relevance to each academic discipline and industry sector. The indicative content, skills development and learning materials are consequently not intended to be prescriptive or exhaustive.