Business Skills - (15 credits)

This module is intended to develop professional and managerial skills in an integrated way in the context of the career aspirations, industry sector and academic discipline of the individual student. It is intended that the flexibility of this module will allow students to prepare for the workplace and obtain the genetic career specific skills highlighted by the workplace. It has been highlighted by the workplace, students leaving higher education are not equipped with generic employment skills, and for those entering self employment, almost half of businesses in the animal and equine sector fail in their first year. In continuing with their personal development planning (PDP) and/or analysis of their chosen business, students will gain a deeper understanding of the need for the development of professional and managerial skills within their industry sector, and the importance of business planning. The module supports the career development learning outcomes described in Course Specifications and content will be tailored to each specific course. Students will contextualise their learning through workshops, talks from professionals, and assessment of skills reports and journals. Students are encouraged to put their learning in to practice by engaging in their PDP and performing work experience outside of the module, and/or completing business planning exercises included website creation. Students are encourages to continuously relate back to their chosen industry, and to identify realistic and satisfactory career goals, and the skills development and knowledge acquisition that will be necessary to achieve these, to understand their eventual role in their chosen industry.