Equine Practical Skills - (15 credits)

A common criticism of equine graduates entering the industry over recent years has been the lack of practical capability for individuals who have significant theoretical knowledge. This module will enable students to demonstrate their practical skills in a manner that will enable them to evidence 'first day competence' when applying for employment. The module will cover all aspects of daily husbandry tasks for stable and grass-kept horses, for both ridden and breeding animals. Linked to the practical skills acquisition will be the requirement for students to develop a mindset that questions normal practice. 'Why has the industry always done it like that' is a useful and pragmatic approach to considering improvements, and at this level, students will be expected to develop this enquiring nature to question and seek improvements to, usual husbandry practices. In order to do this, they will need to evidence that further reading has occurred to support their line of inquiry, including the consideration of sustainability for the systems employed and society. The completion of a practical competency e-log within this module will enable students to evidence that their skill set is 'industry ready'. Understanding the scope of the industry will enable students to consider personal skills development and identify development requirements to meet the demand of the industry in which they seek employment.