Producing Thoroughbreds - (15 Credits)

This module aims to develop the students’ understanding of producing thoroughbreds for the racing industry, including practical competency and theoretical understanding of the processes behind it. Students will develop understanding of sales preparation including legislation, pre-purchase exams and contracts, as well as the practical aspects of preparing horses. Students will utilise theoretical and practical knowledge to comprehend the importance of feeding practices, correct handling, behavioural training, and correct developmental exercise on the production of thoroughbreds for the racing industry. The module will encourage students to critique traditional methods of producing thoroughbreds; utilising knowledge of the current research base to challenge and, where applicable, reformulate practical application. Students will be given the opportunity to further develop their practical skills following their “Applied Thoroughbred Industry Techniques” and “Management and Handling for the Stud Industry” modules, and expand on theoretical knowledge obtained during their “Professional Skills for the Stud Industry” module.