Applied Thoroughbred Industry Techniques (Work Placement) - (30 Credits)

The Applied Thoroughbred Industry Techniques module is designed to form part of the self-development in which the student can begin to build a career path and gain an understanding of the professional working environment either through paid employment or voluntary work. In consultation with the teaching staff and associated partner stud farms, the student is offered the opportunity to undertake a personally relevant work placement during a busy foaling season that relates to their own vocational aims and ambitions. This will allow them to experience this aspect of the thoroughbred breeding industry and develop an appreciation of the working environment. The students will be expected to produce a Personal Development Plan (PDP) and a subsequent reflective portfolio outlining their experiences within their placement. The PDP and embedded SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis will encourage students to identify their current strengths and weaknesses, the need for development in specific areas, and an increased understanding of the diversity of opportunities presented by the thoroughbred industry.