Management and Handling for the Stud Industry - (30 Credits)

This module allows the student to develop their basic handling skills through practical yard-based instruction as well as a structured placement system based on Lordships Stud throughout the academic semester. The practical sessions aim to develop the students’ initiative, communication with other staff members, efficiency, confidence, autonomy and competence in the basic care and management of breeding stock including record keeping. Skills logs document the progressive development of the students throughout the module. Aspects of horse-care are introduced via lecture-based sessions and practical skills development sessions on the yard covering grooming and competition turnout, health indicators and first aid of the horse, natural horse behaviour, common injuries and ailments and their treatment. Tack and its correct fitting and preparation for loading and travel of the horse provide further insight into the regular management and routine tasks that form part of equine management. The student will develop a thorough insight into the scientific as well as applied nature of these tasks and the theory behind them. Yard management considerations are explored through exploration of stable construction and layout as well as biosecurity challenges and procedures. Students further develop their practical and theoretical skills relating to estate management of the yard covering tractor driving, grass care and facilities management, focusing on developing the students ability to identify, prioritise and carry out maintenance tasks in a safe and efficient manner. Students will cover the theory behind basic foaling, explore the items within a ‘foaling kit’ and care of the mare and foal at parturition. Students will also practise teasing of the mare in order to prepare them for the foaling season and reproductive work expected of them within their placement.